A creative look at the Instrument of Measure

Inst #6

Instrument #6

The following is a selection of interpretations of Instrument #6.

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Elemental Conciousness Probe - Sam Cape

Some have suggested that "Nature is Mute" - the cosmos and everything within following rigorous physical laws that do not yield to the whims of will.  Others believe that each atomic particle has a consciousness - its wavefunction being an expression of its habits and preferences.

Quartet Sound Distiller - Carrie Crane

Designed to examine the harmonic quality of the essential make up of Earth and its inhabitants. The ongoing collection and analysis of samples from a vast array of sources, (rock, dirt, dust, water, ice, moss, lichen, algae, coral, gases, human and animal hair, skin and organs, plastics, metals, glass… etc.) is being compiled...

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Instruments of Franz J Merzbild - Mark Lynch

Franz Josef Merzbild (April 13, 1880-February 27, 1945) was an Austrian photographer, geologist, topographer and mystic. A mysterious figure, he was well known for his “theories” of the hollow earth and ultra-terrestrials from the future.

Hyperfocal Distance Generator #45 -
Roger Hankins

The hyperfocal distance generator is the device that is can displace distance beyond which all objects are acceptably visible, before infinity.