A creative look at the Instrument of Measure
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Inst #2

Instrument #2

The following are selected interpretations for Instrument #2.

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This is Where they Live - Ann Sweetman

Although city and state officials initially denied that the water was unsafe, the state issued a notice informing Flint residents that their water contained unlawful levels of trihalomethanes, a chlorine byproduct linked to cancer and other diseases. 

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Polygraph - Carrie Crane

In 1993, in his essay for the New York Times, Is Humanity Suicidal, Edward O Wilson suggested, referring to man’s position as the dominate creature on our planet, that, “Darwin’s dice have rolled badly for Earth. It was a misfortune for the living world in particular, many scientists believe, that a carnivorous primate and not some more benign form of animal made the breakthrough.

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Instruments of Franz J Merzbild - Mark Lynch

Franz Josef Merzbild (April 13, 1880-February 27, 1945) was an Austrian photographer, geologist, topographer and mystic. A mysterious figure, he was well known for his “theories” of the hollow earth and ultra-terrestrials from the future.