A creative look at the Instrument of Measure
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Inst #4

Instrument #4

The following is a selection of interpretations for Instrument #4

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Imaginarium Phantasmagoria -
Harbour Hodder

In response to customer demand, the 1833el is smaller, lighter, and tougher for portability. When traveling with your Imaginarium, new GPS resets map to receive site-specific Muse signals. Inner LED phantasma display offers greater clarity for emerging visualizations.

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Cosmic Radioscope - Carrie Crane

Prior to the 1964 discovery of cosmic microwave radiation (CBM) by radio astronomers, Robert Wilson and Arno Penzias, other amateur radio astronomers were listening to and collecting information from faint radio signals coming from deep space.

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Exploding Star Machine -
Honee Hess

The ancients tell us that before the Big Dark, there was light.  Sunlight during the day; human-made light during the night: but then the fighting happened and then the Big Dark.  There were no shadows, only dark.