A creative look at the Instrument of Measure

Inst #5

Instrument #5

The following are selected interpretations of Instrument #5.



Disks Of Confusion #12 -
Roger Hankins

Disks of confusion, (L) or better know as circles or ovals of confusion, recognize that circles and sometimes ovals, (otherwise referred to as ellipticals or spots) do not focus the complete range of the infinite (F) perfectly under even the best conditions (C), the term circle, oval or elliptical of least confusion is often used for the smallest mistake or mis calculation when imagining a blur occuring before recognition..


Chromascope Apparatus - 
Carrie Crane

For decades, researchers have been investigating the emotional impact of color on humans, however in doing so they have always used static color chips as testing tools. It is now believed by many that the emotional response evoked by color has more to do with the dynamics of color against or moving into another color.


Memory Harp - Harbour Hodder

This stringed instrument let’s you (re)collect and (re)play memories at will, when you want, as you wish—or so you think. Like memories, it has a mind of its own.