A creative look at the Instrument of Measure

Inst #3

Instrument #3

The following are selected interpretations for Instrument #3.


Potentiometer detail.jpg

Potentiometer - Robert Caruso

High frequency diaphonous potentiaometer ...
Moribund post intential phenomenon ...

IMG_2566 2.jpg

Georecorder - Carrie Crane

Beaches and tidal zones around the world are locations for the creation of memories.
Families gather, children make sandcastles and learn to swim, to surf, to comb for
shells, to eat sandy sandwiches.

phil image detail.jpg

Changing the Topography -
Phil Magnusson

A first impression questions the object as an example of three-dimensional, multimedia art.  Closer examination and a more thoughtful assessment brings additional perspectives.  Scientific method provides an approach ...