A creative look at the Instrument of Measure
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Inst #1

Instrument #1

The following are selected interpretations for Instrument #1.


Untitled - Vincent Wolf

My name is Vincent Wolf, born in Athens Ohio, January 4, 1962. When barely out of elementary school my curiosity was piqued by the observation that, on cold mornings, in-breath was invisible and out-breath was vaporous. I possessed an insufficient vocabulary to describe my fascination with ...

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Giacometti Flask - Robert Caruso

Nonexcentric ARP reducer
Tridental caldron
Manual Pressurizing bulb with di-suverous metallic

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Evidence - Lynn Simmons

LOG ENTRY 2020.01B
It had been days of hiking and orienteering through dense woodlands and mountainous terrain. Sheer cliffs of black
rock jutted up into a sky of ending day azure. There was nowhere specific to go.


Richard Lee

Chemist Richard Lee explores the physical and chemical properties of art supplies using the scientific method.  Using local hidden variables, he pushes the boundary media and substrates.  Through his accidental discoveries, Richard looks to the realism of the accident for spiritual meaning.