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Chromascope - Carrie

Chromascope Apparatus
Carrie Crane

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For decades, researchers have been investigating the emotional impact of color on humans, however in doing so they have always used static color chips as testing tools. It is now believed by many that the emotional response evoked by color has more to do with the dynamics of color against or moving into another color. The Apparatus and the accompanying Chromascope viewing tube was designed, to provide a variety of dynamic color experiences ranging from blackness, through a broad spectrum of hues, to white.

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Brightly colored, painted wooden disks are suspended by fishing line from a grid to create a color field. Both still and video images are collected using the Chromascope and then presented to subjects for emotional response testing.

The instrument was created in a small lab in Central Massachusetts in the early 21st century. Research using the apparatus is on-going.

Inventory #: 18-20CHA