A creative look at the Instrument of Measure




Sam Cape – Instrument #6, Elemental Consciousness Probe
Sam is an inventor, designer, musician, technologist, and composer.  His most widespread work can be found on currency in many countries worldwide, as he contributes heavily to state-of-the-art security technology used for anti-counterfeiting.  His music is diverse - building off of sounds summoned from field recording, real instruments, and modular synthesis.  Sam wonders about where we are going, and endeavors to bring out glimpses of the future.

Robert Caruso Instrument #1, Giacometti Flask and Instrument #3, Potentiometer
Robert is a design/build carpenter, working out of Somerville Ma. He is an out-of-the-box thinker, sailor, hockey player and excellent cook.

Carrie Crane - Instrument #2 Outrage:Blame / Complicity:Shame, Instrument #3 Georecorder, Instrument #4 ,Cosmic Radioscope, Instrument #5 Chromascope Apparatus, Instrument #6 Quartet Sound Distiller
Carrie is the visual artist responsible for this interesting collaboration.  For more information about her work visit her website at carriecrane.com.

Roger Hankins Instrument #5 Disks of Confusion #12 and Instrument #6, Hyperfocal Distance Generator #45
Roger is a curator, artist and suburban heirloom apple grower of in Central Massachusetts. Since 2001 he has been the director of the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Art Gallery at the College of the Holy Cross.

Honee Hess Instrument #4, Exploding Star Machine
Honee has resided in Worcester since 1986, prodding people to be creative and thought-filled using art, art museums and now craft.  She is a crafter of words and a reader; for this experience she was particularly influenced by Stations 19 and The Road.

Harbour Fraser Hodder Instrument #4, Imaginarium Phantasmagoria, Model 1833el and Instrument # 5, The Memory Harp
Harbour works with words and images, from journalism and editing to photography, video, and documentary. Her original training was in literature, with a focus on lyric poetry. She is currently the editor of Enjoy TM News, the online Transcendental Meditation magazine. She hopes to get back to various documentary projects soon! She is a member of the E7 artist group, and lives in North Brookfield, MA with her husband.

Richard Lee Instrument #1
Richard, a chemist, explores the physical and chemical properties of art using the scientific method. Using local hidden variables, he pushes the boundary of media and substrates. Through his accidental discoveries, Richard looks to the realism of the accident for spiritual meaning.

Mark Lynch Instruments #1-6, An Attempt to Recreate the Various Unknown Instruments of Franz Josef Merzbild.
Mark taught at the Worcester Art Museum for 35 years; is a teacher and trip leader for Mass Audubon, Broad Meadow Brook. He is the book review editor for the journal Bird Observer. He hosts INQUIRY on WICN (90.5 FM) in which he talks with people in the arts, sciences and history fields all over the world. He also has revived Positive Noise, WICN’s alternative rock show.

Phil Magnusson Instrument #3, Changing the Topography
Phil is a former professional with positions in cancer laboratory research and grant administration, health care planning and policy, insurance, and reimbursement in the public and private sectors.  In his retirement, he has returned to his interest in nature, photography,  wood workworking and sculptor, and ceramics art.   He has a BS in biology and a Masters in Health Administration from Clark University.

Lynn Simmons - Evidence
As a working artist and educator living in Worcester I welcome the opportunity to raise my visual voice, and to engage in community building, creative collaboration, and social justice work.

Ann Sweetman Instrument #2, This is Where They Live
Ann is a high school English teacher and sometime poet who is indeed blessed to share in the wit, wisdom and wild talent of truly fine artists, readers, writers, thinkers, and people of action.

Vincent Wolf (aka Tim Crane) Instrument #1
Vincent was a brilliant thinker whose thought-experiments were always more successful than his actual ones.










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