A creative look at the Instrument of Measure


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The following is a selection of Carrie Crane’s Instruments of Measure. These instruments are made from an assortment of found, acquired and made materials. They are built with the intention (despite their scattered origins) of looking like truly functional objects. Their function however is left undefined.
"A most delightful thing happens in the studio as the instruments come together from their miscellaneous parts. Their function becomes clear to me, complete with history and purpose. That purpose is later reflected in the
“data analysis” paintings I create. But as this happens, I recognize that mine is only one of many possible imagined purposes for these objects."*

With this in mind, Crane invited a group of thinkers (poets, engineers, builders, curators, artists, chemists, inventors, historians) to take a stab at interpreting the instruments to play with the ambiguity, to create a narrative that placed the instrument in some context that resonated for them.  To read these varied interpretations click on the instrument image below.

*to see the 2D data analysis follow the link at the end of Crane’s instrument interpretations.